The Maison Souquet is an old shop serving several purposes: groceries, hardware, haberdashery, jewellery and religious objects. It also once served as a supply point for colporteurs.

Miraculously preserved archival documents have been collected with all the patience of a real detective, by a team of enthusiasts. They plunge us into a moving journey through time and offer up us slices of life for these merchant adventurers.

Long before the internet and today's means of transport, the movement of goods was masterfully organised by Maurice Souquet and his successors.

For more than 100 years, the Soueix store provided supplies of peddling items to more than 1,500 people on the roads of Europe and the New World.

Order forms, invoices, and letters testify to the shop's activity in the era of locomotives and horses. The astonishing quantity of dusted, sorted and then rearranged goods on the shop's shelves offers an insight into the customs and habits of the past.

By revealing the secrets of the Soueix store, the Colporteurs Museum brings to life a very unique enterprise.



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