Remp'Arts was born out of a desire to enhance the heritage of a small village in the Ariège, a former bishop's residence 75 km from Toulouse, with its medieval ramparts, church and 17th-century castle.

Unfortunately, time has taken its toll and today action must be taken to protect the site.
However, ruins do not attract much in the way of subsidies.
As such, the collective imagination was put to work, developing the idea of creating an open-air theatre in this site that already almost feels like a theatre.
The project has been drafted and awarded the "Rural-Excellence Hub" label. The site's development will therefore be based on a cultural project carried out by a local association which will be responsible for its cultural programme.
Three years before the theatre's actual construction, the association was born and naturally named "Remp'Arts".
It brings together elected officials from the canton, members of civil society and entertainment professionals, beginning its work in 2012.

It is open to all. It now has 123 loyal members. Its aim is to ensure eclectic but quality programming, with something to please everyone.
Its highlight is its now a traditional opera festival, held on the first weekend of July.