Electrical-Assist Bikes (EAB) are slowly making their way into the two-wheeler landscape, so we’ve tested them for you in our mountains !    

This summer I’m testing electric bikes in the mountains !  

 What’s the difference from a classic bike ?    

  • Weight : heavier (around 25 kg), these bikes have a more powerful braking system, with discs, and a frame featuring more efficient suspension.
  • The battery : now with lithium, it is largely responsible for the bike’s added weight and can be removed to be recharged.
  • The motor : on the front or rear wheel, or integrated into the pedal assembly. Several brands now specialise in their manufacture.  
  • You’ll find all the same varieties as in classic bikes: city bike, all-terrain bike, mountain bike and folding bike.    

How does it work ?    

Like a bike! That is to say, you still have to pedal! However, several modes of assistance are available: economy / normal / boost. Battery life will vary depending on the chosen mode and on the model.   

Test results in Couserans !  

  • For occasional cyclists, or regular cyclists accustomed to flatter surfaces, you can ride long distances with significant ascents without getting tired. The routes are less demanding, climbs can be overcome with less effort and the wind is no longer a problem. With little training, you can make a beautiful circuit by travelling over a pass, or even several ! We are currently working throughout the Couserans destination to list the most beautiful loops to be enjoyed by bike.     
  • For sports cycling (mountain biking and road biking), the climbs are easier to negotiate. For everyone, it’s a great way to go further, higher and faster, without having to follow a rigorous training plan. On a mountain bike, riding downhill is still a lot of fun, with long-travel suspension that will give you the feeling of motorcycling downhill, without the noise !  
  • Last but not least, the electric bike is ideal for resuming or continuing physical activity when you have a health problem: it’s a godsend for cycling enthusiasts who are older or physically weaker, but who still want to ride in the mountains.      

In conclusion, we have been fully convinced !