In Ariège, the “Route des cols” along some of many passes throughout the Pyrenees makes for a remarkable journey : the helicopter pictures during the Tour de France offer us a new competitor on two wheels as they pass by each one ! You’re not mistaken ! Sumptuous, wild and demanding passes, such as the Col d’Agnes pass, the Col de la Core pass and the Col du Portet d’Aspet pass have become mythical.
Many other smaller ones can also be discovered, thanks to various possible loops available.

Passes open all year round

  • Col de Port – 1,250 m 
  • Col de Latrape – 1110 m 
  • Col de Catchaudégué – 893 m
Col de Port /

 Passes closed in winter

(usually November to April/May) 

  • Col d’Agnes – 1570 m 
  • Port de Lers – 1517 m 
  • Col de la Core – 1395 m 
  • Col de Péguère – 1375 m 
  • Col des Marrous – 990 m 
  • Col de Légrillou – 938 m 
  • Prat d’Albis – 1400 m 
  • Col de la Crouzette – 1241 m 

 The Mur de Péguère, a classic in the Pyrenees !  

 Just two Tour de France races passing by the « Mur de Péguère » were enough to forge its character and allow it to enter the very closed circle of legendary Pyrenean passes. The incident with the tacks during its first passage in 2013, or the magnificent breakaway of the Breton Warren Barguil on 14 July 2017 have forever inscribed “this little road” on the map of climbs that must be completed at least once in your life.

 On paper, its profile appears quite manageable with 9.3 km of ascent at an average gradient of 7.9%, but enough to be decisive for the greatest riders, while for amateurs it’s more than enough to make your thighs burn to the point of considering changing sports. 

 From Massat, the route follows the Col de Port road, which rises gently but steadily to the Col des Caougnous before taking that great left turn towards the Col de Péguère.  From this moment on, the term “Mur” (or wall) takes on its full meaning: 3.6 km at 12% with long passages of 400 metres at 18% …

After feeling completely stuck, as if on soft tarmac, the first ramp will put you in the mood straight away: a narrow road in the middle of the woods with rocky outcrops and an uncertain surface.

A silence only disturbed by the sound of your own heart and the much-too-short breath you can muster up to keep going, metre by metre. It’s what we wanted, we’re here and, oh, what an effort ! The first hairpin arrives like an initial victory and you will certainly need to take advantage of the small respite that the slope grants you to attack the last ramp, which will end up hoisting you towards the pass and a spectacular panorama of the Pyrenees mountain range ! 
 At that point you can proclaim: I have overcome the terrible Mur de Péguère !