Culture all year round, even in winter !

Winter can be just as harsh as it is beautiful in the Couserans, and sometimes it can be hard to get motivated to leave the fireplace, slippers and blanket behind in the evening. However, and this often surprises our visiting city-dwellers, outings are also very popular in winter and social ties mean a lot in our valleys.

Beyond the “institutional” events, several cultural cafés offer a range of great outings throughout the year, in places that can sometimes seem a little unlikely. These offer beautiful winter evenings to residents and visitors alike, often after a good meal, such as at the Noste Cortiu in Orgibet, the Poulpe du Lac in Sainte-Croix Volvestre, the Auberge des Sept Familles in Ercé, or the Relais Montagnard in Bonac-Irazein. La Boussole in Taurignan even hosts events in its craft brewery, where warm musical evenings are regularly on offer !

 During the winter season in Guzet, the resort’s bar-restaurants are also the place to be for a concert and drink by the fire after a day of skiing. Why not go and enjoy the Chalet de Beauregard’s “Wild Nights” at 1,600m of altitude !
LThe Couserans is always surprising us !