Our markets are a great success here in the Couserans. First and foremost, going to the market means meeting artisans, farmers, market gardeners, breeders, cheesemakers, local bakers and more…

However, it’s also a great chance to enjoy a healthy dose of pure and delicious air as you browse the stalls, 
Taste before you buy and heed the locals’ advice to look after your wallet,    
Eat to the rhythm of the seasons, surprise your taste buds, meet new people,    
Contribute to the local economy as you discover a region, a town or a village …  

The Saint-Girons market

“A Saturday Morning on Earth” ! It is often a particularly difficult challenge, in our mountains and further afield, to accept our differences, to communicate, to exchange and to share.

However, the place and the moment that brings the whole of the Couserans together is the Saint-Girons market. Here, we can see all the benefits of the cultural melting pot that has been taking place in Ariège for decades.

The local traditions are alive and well – carried by centuries of mountain know-how and production – and, despite a touch of stubborness from some, they are also nourished by the successive arrivals of new inhabitants. They all share the attachment to the land, in its most basic sense. And this land gives it all back and more !

So come and stroll through the colourful alleys ; smell the spices or grilled meat, savour a cheese, a meat, a touch of charcuterie or a mountain honey (just after you devour a Vietnamese nem or a Lebanese sandwich); buy your organic – and most importantly, local – vegetables or fruits; treat yourself with a piece of handmade jewellery or soap; bring back an aloe-vera for your home, and so many other purchases to support a truly eco-friendly economy.

Village markets

On Wednesday mornings during the summer in Sainte-Croix, delight yourself as you discover around fifteen local producers and artisans. Once a month, « a book swap » is hosted, followed by a signing session. There is also a crêpe truck with small tables on the terrace and various entertainment on offer around the market. A short walk away, the lakefront welcomes those who want to take advantage of the good weather to enjoy a picnic with all the products they have bought at the market, take a dip and watch the bowlers.  

Marché de Soueix – © Loïc Bel

In the small local market of Soueix on Wednesday afternoons, there’s always plenty of good cheer:  the Bicycle-Rit willl allow you to learn how to repair your bike, a walk-in hairdresser will give you that new look you’ve been after, while a break for drinks and organic snacks awaits you at Lieu Commun, alongside market gardeners, bakers and meat producers (amongst others) ready to welcome you at their stalls all year round.    

At Engomer, you’ll find a market on Sunday mornings with dances and folk music, where you can even try to win the “Grand jeu contest and leave with a huge hamper of treats ! You’ll also find the local-producer market of the charming village of Seix on Sunday mornings, in the town’s market hall from June to September. 

Massat is also home to a market that welcomes a host of seasonal producers and local craftsmen. On Thursday mornings, « La Crieuse » energetically reveals all the little messages that have been placed in the box provided for this purpose, located in the village square at all times. It’s a fantastic, convivial experience, full of laughter! Above all, it’s a truly touching and human moment. In my basket, you’ll find fresh vegetables picked that morning and, above all, a space for all the smiles I come across ! 

From 5pm to 8pm from June to the end of October, the Bonac church-lawn market welcomes the producers and craftsmen of the valley and their Biroussans products: honeys, herbal teas, seeded breads, beers, garden products, goat cheeses, essential oils, soaps and beauty creams and local books — not to mention Sabine’s soaps, moulded in the shape of sheep. We also love taking in the terrace of the Relais Montagnard, where we like to sit and talk about the rain and the sun.  

What about you ? Which is your favourite market ?