Our lord of the Couserans is charismatic: its silhouette is so very recognisable as you head down south on the A64 from Toulouse.
This summit will require some effort to climb … But it’s worth it!

The ascent
– Cumulative elevation gain : 1,900 m (920-2,838 m)
– Difficulty : athletic
– Theoretical duration: 9.5-hour round trip from the Maison du Valier

Ideas for hiking …

  • In 2 days: Mont Valier by Ribérot and Muscadet : in a high mountain setting, where you might just spot isards, marmots or bearded vultures … Les Estagnous, a guarded refuge, will allow you to enjoy the hike over two days, taking the time to admire the Ribérot valley with its waterfalls and lakes and then, on the way back, the Milouga lakes and the Muscadet valley.
  • In 3 days : Pass Aran : a cross-border hike through Eylie, the Arraing lake, the Refugio Amics de Montgarri, and the Estagnous !
  • In 6 days : the Tour du Valier: an experience that’s not to be missed, from refuge to refuge, from lakes to summits, the most athletic hikers will not be disappointed !
The Estagnous refuge
The guarded refuge on the Mont Valier trail. Laurent Triolet and Stéphane Amiel offer up a generous selection of cuisine with local products from the valley or the Ariège, along with a very warm welcome.

All those who live around me talk about the Valier as THE ultimate chioice for a beautiful hike, everyone does it at least once … With family, friends, solo, over a day or in two days, with ease or in pain. Okay, I’ll do it … Read more

Virginie, Local expert

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