These trails, often quite easy to take on, allow you to explore the mountain with your family, while learning their little secrets in a playful way. A range of themes are on offer in Couserans : take your pick !

The Hadas (fairies) trail in Sourroque   

Near Saint-Girons, the Sourroque massif is famous for its beautiful beech forests, its trees with their often curious shapes, its cliffs and its geological curiosities such as chasms and dolines.    
This karstic circuit is dotted with explanatory panels on historical and geological themes, as well as riddles. To be enjoyed with family!  1.5-hour return trip.

The Tourtouse trail

What’s unique about this village is that it has been developed around a feudal mound of which there remains, in addition to the 12th-century keep, a large part of the ramparts and the remains of the original church.  
This very accessible walk is punctuated by a dozen interpretation panels allowing you to discover the history and heritage of the area. 1-hour-15-minute round trip.

The Sainte-Croix-Volvestre royal-forest discovery trail

Take a walk along the path and discover the history, uses and biological wealth of this extraordinary forest.     
This trail is complemented by an exploration guide published by the Ariège Pyrenees Regional Nature Park, designed as an investigation. The two protagonists of the story will tell you the secrets of this low-altitude fir forest, which abounds in hundreds of species of mushrooms.   Three loops to choose from: 45 min / 30 min / 45 min.

Les Terrasses d’Esteiches in Seix  

Short hike near the village of Seix to discover the recently cultivated terraces. A booklet sold at the tourist office accompanies this walk.  2-hour round trip.

The Cos trail in Seix      

This forest trail offers a beautiful view of the Haut-Salat valley dominated by the majestic Mont Valier. All along the route, markers refer to explanations presented in a guide.   

At its summit (the Cos, 1,015 m), a picnic area and a toposcope have been installed. Interpretation guide sold at tourist offices.  4 to 5-hour loop.

The Bear Tamers’ Educational Trail in Ercé

In the footsteps of the bear tamers who, in the middle of the 19th century, went to America to seek their fortune. All along this route, the information points tell their story.      
The Calvary site offers a geological information table as well as an exhibition on bear tamers. The route continues with a visit to the village of Ercé.  3.5-hour round trip.

The Decauville trail in Bonac-Irazein

Former track used to transport the ore extracted from the Fourcail mine, located on the Spanish side of the port of Orle. Along a narrow-gauge rail, wagons would travel, pulled by mules. To build it, the rock was cut into and a series of tunnels were drilled into the mountainside. Today, the tunnels and a wide balcony path remain, offering magnificent views over the Orle valley. 4 hour 30 minutes.

The Ker de Massat walking trail

This walk will take you to the top of Ker de Massat. This limestone rock offers a beautiful view of the valley. Perforated with caves, this site has often been visited throughout history. Interpretation guide available at the tourist information office in Massat. 1 hour 50 minutes.