How do we keep our traditions alive, while acting as a welcoming land for different culture(s) ? The Couserans is rich in history — a rather mischevious history — with its incredibly beautiful and rough mountains: so much so that their men and women have come to ressemble them.

The love of the mountain way of life and its traditions allows us to protect and preserve a culture marked by its roots. Ancestral rhythms marked by a series of festivals, including the famous Transhumances in June.

The 18 valleys have always been open to the world : each new leaf mixing its colour, its dance, its essence and its music, right down into each valley floor.

The old stones welcome shows and concerts in Tourtouse, the castle of Seix, the city of Saint Lizier and other places. Cultural bistros bring villages to life all year round, even in winter, with top-quality line-ups. Artisans bring to life or revive know-how as they add their modern touches.

Let’s go and meet these people from the Couserans – some of whom are quite famous, it must be said !