The Pyrenees have always been a favourite terrain for cyclists. The Tour de France has given our mythical passes their recognised status.

This year, the Tour de France 2024 will be stopping off in the Couserans!

We look forward to seeing you on the 14th of July ! Our cycling champions will pass through Portet d’Aspet on their way to the Plateau de Beille, the final destination of this 15th stage of the Tour de France 2024.

Tour de France – 2019

Cycling athletes and tourists alike ride along them every year, eager to burn off some energy and enjoy the pleasure of riding through breathtaking landscapes.
Mountain bikers choose the single-track trails to experience the real soul of our mountains a little more intensely. 

 The bicycle is also a great tool for getting around on a daily basis, which many people are now re-adopting, especially in cities. However, our networks of cycle paths now extend to the valleys of the Ariège – with the greenway between Foix and Saint Girons in particular, which is constantly being extended and is intended to complete the V81 cycle route through the Pyrenean piedmont, crossing the Ariège from east to west (from the Canal du Midi in the Aude towards Boussens in the Haute-Garonne). 

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the department of Ariège has been pursuing a proactive policy to develop cycling, a demand shared by its inhabitants and visitors. 

Especially since … the revolution of electric assistance that powers bicycles today, as they come to rule once more at the dawn of the third millenium Of course, this technological addition to the bicycle is all the more greatly appreciated in the mountains. And even for sports uses : rent an electric-assist mountain bike and see for yourself !