A Regional Nature Park (RNP) is an inhabited rural territory whose wildlife, flora, environments, landscapes, architecture, cultural heritage and know-how are nationally recognised for their remarkable qualities.

The Regional Nature Park was created in 2009, encompassing 141 communes of the Ariège Pyrenees, known for the richness and diversity of their natural, cultural and human heritage.
Le périmètre du PNR des Pyrénées Ariégeoises est presque entièrement concentré sur le The perimeter of the Ariège Pyrenees Regional Nature Park is almost entirely concentrated around the Couserans, guaranteeing the quality of our natural spaces and the development of our history and our know-how.

What does a Regional Nature Park do?

The Park initiates or carries out actions in fields as diverse as the protection of plant and wildlife, restoration of constructed heritage, preservation of landscapes, promotion of energy saving and renewable energies, environmental management, regional education, development of the forest and wood, and the promotion of local know-how and products, among other areas.

It is also a major partner of the Couserans Pyrenees Tourist Office in the promotion of green, responsible and sustainable tourism.

Come exploring with us !

The Ariège Pyrenees Regional Nature Park in figures :

2,465 square kilometres ;
46,592 inhabitants (in 2012) ;
1 region: Occitania ;
1 1 department: the Ariège ;
141 municipalities

Let yourself be guided by Nature …

What if we all (re-)integrated into our daily lives a little of this nature, that exists so close to us ?    
It has so much to offer!

We are lucky to have so many nature experts in the Couserans: naturalists, agronomists, botanists, herbalists, market gardeners, mountain leaders – trust in the specialists themselves who have chosen to live and bring their passion to life in our mountains!

For half a day, a day or a weekend course, you can perfect your knowledge of botany, plant and wildlife, gardening or DIY using natural products.

Outings and workshops are organised regularly, especially in the summer, by enthusiasts with whom you can recover your wild side in a relaxed atmosphere!