The Couserans is known for its intense greens. Even in the height of summer, its narrow valleys remain cool and its forest cover is extensive.

You can enjoy beautiful forests all around, shaped by Man in varying degrees, both yesterday and today. One of them in particular deserves special attention.

The Royal Forest of Sainte-Croix Volvestre

Situated at an altitude of 350 m, this thick forest of fir trees – a relic of the last ice ages – has always intrigued botanists by its altitude. In 1667, it impressed the Louis XIV’s forest steward thanks to the beauty and height of its trees. It is therefore a very special and remarkable forest in many ways: its presence in the piedmont, far from its sisters who prefer the mountains, its 900 species of mushrooms, its history, its glassworks and its current management.

To have fun and discover the forest, follow the winding interpretation trail with its numbered markers. Three 45-minute loops, with almost no change in altitude, allow you to discover all its mysteries – with an exploration guide in which each marker corresponds to a double page of richly illustrated information.

Follow the exploration guide !

The guide is available at the Couserans Pyrenees Tourist Office, for just €2.50.
For more information, call the Sainte-Croix-Volvestre information office :
05 61 04 60 55