Our mountain refuges allow you to hike for several days, finding the comfort of a bed and a warm welcome from the guardians … and often their culinary talents to fill your hungry belly ! What a pleasure it is to take off one’s shoes and enter what seems, at that moment, like real little paradise – an oasis of conviviality. Not to mention the sunsets and sunrises !

We have two refuges in the Couserans : the Estagnous refuge on the main access road to the Valier – “the Lord of the Couserans” – and the Arraing-lake refuge above Sentein.
The Bassiès refuge near Aulus-les-Bains is very easily accessible from the Coumebière plateau. Furthermore, several nearby Spanish refuges allow for pleasant cross-border loops, offering up the chance to taste Spanish culture in the middle of the mountains.

The stopover lodges are instead located the low mountain ranges at around 1,000 m and allow for comfort breaks on itinerant hikes, like the GR10, or the “GR de Pays” regional long-distance hike.
Run by mountain enthusiasts, often multi-activity farmers, they form an important network in Couserans – also used for hiking with donkeys, for example, or itnerant horse-riding.