Summits are, by definition, the Holy Grail of mountaineers. Whether its for a sporting challenge or simple contemplative pleasure, no matter the reason, as long as there is an ascent !
Let us head to the first few “heights” together :

Let’s get back to our summits: it remains to be said which are the most beautiful … Once there, you can host the debates in the evening, in one of our hiking refuges or stopover lodges !
Let’s kick off the debates : this list might even change according to our influencers !

Our favourites

Le Pic des Trois Seigneurs

A summit that can be done as a loop, making it a winner already. So, when you consider that this loop also allows us to pass by a beautiful lake and offers up the sight of the nearby valley of Vicdessos, there are no more questions to be asked : let’s get going !

The Pic Rouge de Bassiès

What a journey ! In addition to the round-trip ridge section, the entire loop presents great views of several lakes : Labant, Garbet, Bassiès, Alatte, what could be better !

Le Valier : ” the Lord of the Couserans ”

This peak can also be enjoyed as a loop from the Ribérot valley (except for the last part for which you’ll need to climb there and back), as, once back at Les Estagnous, you can head down to the Milouga lakes, passing by impressive large granite slabs. Experienced hikers could choose to tackle it from the Col de Pause (one of the most beautiful views of the Valier).

All the most beautiful summits to be enjoyed on a hike

Warning : on these hikes – perhaps even more so than on others – go informed, prepared and equipped. Follow our hiking tips avaialble here and in our welcome offices.