Three original activity ideas in winter

In black and white

Leave the surface for a while and put on your helmet and headlamp! Nicolas takes you underground : “An accessible journey for all. The activity takes place in the morning from 9am to about 12pm, or in the afternoon from about 2pm to 5pm. Once equipped with your caving gear, we’ll enter the underground world. I’ll say no more .. Caving is an activity of exploration, where the discovery of unusual landscapes offers up a host of pleasant surprises … I prefer small groups to encourage discussion and create a more convivial atmosphere”.  

Objectif Spéléo & Canyon – 06 08 95 49 93 –    

Objectif Spéléo & Canyon

06 08 95 49 93 –

With family at the farm

The cow moos, the donkey brays, the duck quacks, the goat bleats … and what does the llama do? To soak up all the sounds of the farm, while enjoying a visit to an authentic Couseranese farm: head to Cazalas farm in Montesquieu Avantès. In the heart of a classified and preserved paleolithic site, Yolande welcomes us to her farm. Over the course of an hour and a half to two hours, we’ll have the chance to meet all the inhabitants: rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, pigs, sheep and goats … and that’s just the beginning. To finish on a gastronomic note, after this beautiful tour, a home-made snack awaits us – prepared with products from the farm (flower jams, pancakes and cheese, etc.). Tempted ? All you have to do is call to book your place !       

La Ferme de Cazalas 09200 Montesquieu Avantès. Tel : 05 61 66 45 31    

La Ferme de Cazalas

05 61 66 45 31