What does it mean to eat healthy ? Everyone has their own ideas on the matter. Is it eating organic ? Avoiding fat ? Or is it sugar-free or gluten-free ? Banning processed food from your diet ? Or being exclusively vegetarian ? Vegan ? We all have our own recipe.

In any case, inhabitants and visitors of the Couserans can enjoy good, organic, local and eco-friendly food, thanks to the products of the “Marque Parc” label in particular. This guarantees the origin and manufacture of artisanal and farm products that respect the environment, thanks to strict specifications.

Enjoy our cheeses, honeys, other beekeeping products, jams and sorbets, meats, sausages and pâtés and wines – stamped with the logo or not – at the big market of Saint-Girons and the small farmers’ markets of Engomer, Soueix and Massat, among others. You can also find them in general grocery stores, local shops, and sometimes on the shelves of large supermarkets who aim to stock « hyperlocal » products. *

The most popular products at the market each week are the seasonal vegetables and fruit, found on the tables of our restaurants, and which are mostly grown by local small-scale farmers, who take great care to ensure quality.