Suivez l’une des voies d’évasion les plus difficiles de la guerre 39-45 à travers les Pyrénées centrales vers le nord de l’Espagne. Une randonnée sportive, sur 4 jours, entre Saint-Girons et Esterri d’Aneu.

It was once the most popular route used by smugglers, because the complexity and vastness of the terrain made it difficult for the occupiers to monitor. This is a memory trail recognised by the State – both physically and emotionally trying, when one imagines the difficult journey endured by families and individuals of all ages and abilities, fleeing for their survival.

  • Day 1 : from Saint-Girons (391 m) to the hamlet of Aunac (766 m). Distance : 23 km. Time : approximately 8 hours.
  • Day 2 : from Aunac (766 m) to the Subéra hut (1,499 m). Distance : 16 km. Time : approximately 6 hours.
  • Day 3 : from the Subéra hut (1,499 m) to the Estagnous refuge (2,245 m). Distance : 13 km. Time : approximately 8 hours.
  • Day 4 : from the Estagnous refuge (2,245 m) to Alos de Izil (1,200 m). Distance : 20 km. Time : approximately 7 hours.

An annual hike

The Freedom Trail association organises its commemorative walk every year in July. Set out on this collective adventure to walk in the footsteps of those who refused Nazi oppression during the last global conflict.

« Let’s face it », apart from a few grizzled mountain rats like me, World War II doesn’t mean much to our younger, happier generation of hikers. They may remember, with great difficulty, some pages of their history books […]. In any case, it is something from Grandpa’s time, a succession of heroic deeds buried in a wild past, annual ceremonies to be remembered, parades on set dates such as 8 May […] and 11 November.
But to walk the « Freedom Trail » yourself from start to finish is to bring these few pages of the history book to life. It is also to experience, in a very personal way, at least some of the dangers and difficulties faced by the men and women who used this high mountain crossing to escape during the Second World War. 

Scott Goodall, part of the introduction to « Le Chemin de la Liberté » (« The Freedom Trail »).