Do you feel like hiking in the middle of winter ? Here are our tips for making the most of it !

  • If you don’t want to come across any snow and/or put on snowshoes, generally our hikes under 800 or 1,000 m of altitude will be the ones to choose
  • Remember that the weather is cold and your best ally is the sun : you’ll therefore prefer open routes (without too much forest) on the southern slopes, which benefit from more sunshine
  • Adjust your schedule : leave a little later in the morning, and come back a little earlier in the evening. So be reasonable with the duration of your hike, so you don’t end up still out in the dark and in the cold !
  • Follow the usual instructions when you go hiking : have what you need to eat, drink, keep warm, make a phone call and find your way around (map or GPS)

Now you’re ready !
For me, I love the Passeurs walk in winter, starting from Sentenac d’Oust, or a trip to Cominac, known for its crow-stepped barns: these are two of the most beautiful southern slopes in the Haut-Couserans area, with impressive panoramic views of the snow-covered peaks.